Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

So we were concerned about having a Christmas tree with a little man who is learning to walk. He's cruising on everything now, and loves to pull up and lean on furniture. I could just imagine the crash and cry when the tree toppled over on him. So my friend, Lindsay, suggested putting the Christmas tree in the pack-n-play. So here it is... :)

Keeps baby out of the wires, tinsel, and balls, and lets big brother enjoy the tree.

We all had a great FHE setting up the Christmas tree, and listening to Johnny Mathis Christmas music. I'll never forget the Christmas we put the tree in the manger!


raising4boys said...

I still don't have my tree up...but I think your idea is smart.

Cute pictures!! I love how T is holding the dancing bear ornament. You can tell she loves dancing :)

Holli Raymond said...

Yaay!!! I have missed seeing your blog!!

My new blog is jonandholli.blogspot.com

Love you Av!

jamieschip said...

That's awesome. When you mentioned that I just couldn't picture it, so thanks for posting about it. Love what we do as parents to protect our children. ;) Thanks again for coming out and giving me a little makeover. Hopefully you got my message. I'll call you again so I can arrange a day for Jake to get the stuff.

Melanie Nielsen said...

Just had to put that up today! I put it up on my blog big too! last night was great!

Cheri said...

Great idea. I love the pics. If you want crazy twilight info check out my blog. Love your little sis.

Loree said...

oh my gosh! AVALIE!!! no way! i found you. i don't even know if you will remember me. it has been over 8 years ago since we last saw each other. you know it is me Loree Zito from Hillsboro, OR. I found you through jamieschip's blog, i ran into your sister Cheri's blog by chance and i see avy and trent. I know those people! so awesome to take a little peek into your family's lives. you have 4 adorable kiddos. check out my blog to see our updates. I'm gonna add you to my blog list. I'd love to hear more about you and your family and what you've been up to the last 8 years. email me at loreezito@hotmail.com. Have a great day! i hope you remember me...how could you forget me? ;)