Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Firepit

We had a December without snow, so we decided to build a fire in our back yard to make s'mores during Winter Break from school. Thanks to our neighbors who loaned us their fire pit.

It was even warm enough to swing on the swingset!

Dad working with K on starting the fire...

Another ride on the swingset while we wait...

All the wood ready to burn.

Our fire in all its glory.

It was so fun to be sitting outside between Christmas and New Years having a fire in the backyard. Good memories.

Now we just need some chocolate!

Cool flames

Happy family time comes from such simple moments as this. Work together, learn together, time together.

Oh, and lots of marshmallows and chocolate!

Ready for the snow! Which fell four hours later and covered our backyard in an 8-inch thick blanket of winter.

Latest Family Picture

We visited my little sister and decided to take a picture in our church clothes. It's crazy to think how fast our kids are growing. We're just enjoying the ride as best we can. :)

Family Night at PTA Skating Night

Our school had a PTA Family Skate Night this month. It was so fun!

Even our little guy wanted to play on skates. Dad was so patient with him...

As he tried to stand, walk...

and just hang out (check out the tongue out in concentration).

Lots of friends there to play with us!

Trying big sister's skates on.

He even wanted to wear skates on his hands.

It was so hard for little guy to sit and watch. He SO wanted to skate on the rink, but he was just too little. So Dad kept him company and I took plenty of pics of his cute face.

Tickle monster returns.

K is going for a speed skating/DJ pose on this one. He finally got proficient at skating on this trip. It was fun to watch him try to dance to the music as he skated. So awesome.

Our sweet neighbor Jessika helped our little H as he learned to skate. My back was burning, so I needed a break.

The skate place rented these cool PVC rolling stands for kids who are learning to skate. T loved hers.

I even strapped on my blades and went rollin with my little guy in his stroller. He got impatient and wanted me to go faster. :) It was another successful event with the PTA!

Winter Dance Open House

Pictures from our Dance Studio Winter Open House

Adult Tap

Modern 2

Hip Hop 2

Jazz 1

H&T and me getting ready for performance

We had a wonderful Open House performance at the dance studio. Nana and Papa joined us, and we had a great time watching everyone perform.

T & B Dancing with their Mini Hip-Hop Class...

Fun Human Rights Day

We chose to spend our day off going to the movies and out to eat with our kids. The cold weather let up a bit, and we were even able to take a few pictures outside next to the fountains...without coats!! We saw "Tangled" and loved it. What a fun way to spend our day together. The kids worked their hearts out on Friday and Saturday to get extra chores done so we could go. It was awesome.