Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby's First Birthday

It was our baby boy's first birthday, and we were all sick. So we had a little cake at home...
Whose birthday is it? Mine!!
Seriously, Dad. You're giving me a candle. Are you sure?

It looks so fun.

Can I touch it?
Bummer. No more candle, but this cake looks interesting...I'll just poke it.
I wonder what Dad will do if I put some in my mouth...

Wait! I'm eating this, and no one is taking it out of my mouth.
Here Mom! Do you want a lick? It's chocolate!
Great cake, Dad! Thanks for the great birthday! And look, I'm still handsome even when my face is covered in frosting!


Natalie said...

So Cute!! I can't believe it's been a year since you were jumping up and down while leading the music in Primary trying to go into labor!!!

raising4boys said...

I love his messy, smiley face in the last picture. 1st birthdays are so much fun when they can dive in to the cake!!

Thanks again for inviting me today. Hope you are feeling OK!