Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Firepit

We had a December without snow, so we decided to build a fire in our back yard to make s'mores during Winter Break from school. Thanks to our neighbors who loaned us their fire pit.

It was even warm enough to swing on the swingset!

Dad working with K on starting the fire...

Another ride on the swingset while we wait...

All the wood ready to burn.

Our fire in all its glory.

It was so fun to be sitting outside between Christmas and New Years having a fire in the backyard. Good memories.

Now we just need some chocolate!

Cool flames

Happy family time comes from such simple moments as this. Work together, learn together, time together.

Oh, and lots of marshmallows and chocolate!

Ready for the snow! Which fell four hours later and covered our backyard in an 8-inch thick blanket of winter.

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