Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Is Here!

Thought for the day:

Does anyone else feel like their small children leave a wake of destruction in their path?

A little background to our excitement. Trent was called into the Bishopric on April 11, I was released as RS President (I had served for 6 months, serving as YW President for the 2.5 years before I was used to being gone, with Trent acting as SuperDad since our youngest was born). Then on May 8 he was called as a High Counselor. I think this is probably the shortest calling he's ever had. :) We're excited for more adventures serving in the Church. Meanwhile, I've been busy trying to play SuperMom...and here's what happened. Just proves that the Lord has a sense of humor, and that he has sent angels to protect my little "angels" throughout their antics.

We've had many adventures this past week, I thought I'd share a few.

Sunday's Adventure: We were walking out of church, and my two-year-old made a run for it. I thought he'd run to the sidewalk and stop. He didn't. He ran over the sidewalk, past the park strip, and into the road. I dropped everything and sprinted (in my heels) to scoop him up. Traffic stopped and waited for us. When I grabbed him, he was giggling, and had a paper in his mouth from Primary. I pulled it out of his mouth and read it. It said, "I Will Obey." Hehe.

Tuesday's adventure: I was backing the van out of my house to pick up T from preschool. I checked behind the van before getting in, but just peeked around to see if there were any kids. It looked all clear, but evidently there was a blind spot. I backed up and heard a huge shuddering sound, with a big clunk. I jumped out of the van, my heart in my throat. I ran around the back, expecting the worst. I saw a tiny bike, all bent up under my van. I searched under the van, and realized the bike was simply parked there, no kid riding it. I was relieved. But then I realized I was going to have to track down the owner and replace the bike. It was the bike of a friend's son, and she was awesome about it. I felt horrible. We found a replacement, and all is well. But, as you can imagine, I walk all the way around my van now before backing out.

Wednesday's adventure: Chocolate rice. Our 2 year old boy decided it would be fun to get into my bulk food bins and add about 4 cups of hot cocoa mix to my 25 lb container of basmati rice. Bust out the vacuum!! Say goodbye to my rice. :( I sucked out the top layer of rice, along with the cocoa mix. We saved most of the rice.

Thursday's Adventure: Miss T decided to take the neighbor's dog for a walk (with permission). The owner told her to LET GO if the dog started running too fast. To which my sweet T replied, NO WAY! I'm NOT letting go! So the Golden Retriever got excited and took daughter held on for dear life and got dragged quite a distance before she fell off the leash. I didn't know you could get road rash from walking a dog. She's got the scabs to prove it.

Friday's Adventure: Oil change at the car dealership with two and four year olds...including a disappearing act by my two year old (I turned my back to pay the bill and found him in the service department under a car with a mechanic). The mechanic came out looking annoyed, and kept repeating, "Kid under my car!" Why do I continue to try to take my children places?! You'd think I'd have learned by now...

Friday's Adventure Part II: Sharpie marker all over my side-view mirror on my van. Not sure which of my two delinquents did it, but I have a feeling it's my daughter. My two year old wouldn't have stopped at the would have been all over my paint, too. Off to go clean it off with dry-erase marker. Hope my... weekend goes better than my week has gone.

Friday's Adventure Part III: Sharpie marker on the side door, too. I didn't notice it before. It came off with a bit of dry erase marker and elbow grease.

Saturday's Adventure: Our 7-year old son got ahead of us on the trail at Thanksgiving Point. As we herded the rest of the kids up the trail, my oldest son came back yelling, "MOM! He's stuck on a rock!" I went to investigate, and we found our 7-year old stuck on a ledge at the source of the large (North America's largest man-made) waterfall. I scrambled up the bank, inched my way out along the ledge, reached for him and pulled him back to the safety of the rocks (away from the raging water). We're still not sure how he got himself out there...he said he magically appeared. We got down, and got an enthusiastic round of applause from a gathering crowd. One guy yelled emphatically, "Yeah Mom!!" I've never been totally mortified and totally proud at the same time before that moment. Very interesting conflict of emotions. What a week.


Fleck Family said...

Well I guess you can't say it has been a boring week. It always amazes me the things kids can do

Emily said...

Wow, just wow.

With love, Carol said...

I thought your life was filled with chocolate bonbons and resting quietly while you watched your kids unload the dishwasher. Guess I'll have to rethink that fantasy.
You should write a book, no really cause it would be about the true Mother's Day, mommies experience daily. You are a daughter to be proud of, and I am. Love, Mom