Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

We visited the Scarecrow Festival at Thansgiving Point, and had a great time over UEA weekend. I rode the inflatable slides with the kids, and had a blast.

Trent and I enjoyed the climbing wall.

Miss T is our little thrill-seeker. She ran up the slides over and over. She slept great that night.

H ran the gauntlet over and over. He did very well.

K, cool as a cucumber in his sunglasses, enjoyed the slides, too.

Here's the evidence. I forgot how fast you can get going on those slides. It was so fun!

My little thrill-seeker again.

T waiting her turn at the go-carts. We had a great day!


Jamy said...

I absoluetly LOVE that picture of T! She is so beautiful. Is she coming into sunbeams this year?

Mom 4 Zion said...

Yes, Ma'am. I guess she turned around to say hi to H during singing time on Sunday, and he gave her a big, crusty look, shook his head and her, and folded his arms. The Steeds were laughing their heads off.